SmartMessage Marketing Platform orchestrates and integrates e-mail, SMS/MMS, chatbot, push notification, IVR, TTS, LBS, beacon channels to create seamless customer journeys.

SmartMessage is a state-of-art digital engagement hub to get the most efficient results from your marketing activities.

SmartMessage Marketing Platform contains all the essential elements to create and track a seamless and integrated customer journey across platforms. SmartMessage Engage creates a consistent communication schedule to improve your brand’s engagement with your customers. SmartMessage Connect allows you to interact with your audience to deliver more personalized messages and empowers you with artificial intelligence solutions like the chatbot applications. Let your customers decide when, how and in what context they prefer to be touched via SmartMessage Preference. SmartMessage Autoflow implements rule-based approaches to serve different segments in the most effective way. It helps you to access the right consumer at the right moment via right media channel. SmartMessage Secure is a reliable security tool to prevent fraudulent activities especially for banking and finance sectors. Know your target audience better by identifying their needs and choices through data gathering forms of SmartMessage Survey.

With SmartMessage you can inform your customers about your campaigns and also new offers that may interest them. With SmartMessage it is easier to get to know your target audience by identifying their interests and behaviors. You can use it as a profitable e-marketing and campaign management tool that works to boost your sales. Whether your aim is reach out to new customers at low costs or establish and maintan customer loyalty for your existing contacts, SmartMessage is the right solution for you.

With its flexible infrastructure, SmartMessage enables an easy and hassle free integration with all of your systems including your call center, website, CRM, campaign management, ERP, automation and other various platforms. SmartMessage makes integrated customer relationship management possible.

Since 2005, 2000+ satisfied clients from all around the world have relied on the efficiency and high performance of SmartMessage. Over 100K campaigns have been executed and 5B SMS have been delivered successfully improving the effectiveness and profitability of marketing communications of global and local brands.

Everything we do is driven by customer experience to shine together with our clients. Legacy will continue with new inspirations from our SmartMessage users all around the world.

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