Beacon & LBS

Expand the reach of your interactions with powerful beacon and location based marketing communication

Beacon triggered marketing and location based services help you to execute effective campaigns for the customers on the go. Delivering a relevant promotional message to countless shoppers near a mall can lead a path to profitable conversions. Combined with other marketing tactics, geofencing and geotargeting are smart ways to turn geographical data into profitable outcomes.

With SmartMessage you can plan and execute beacon and location based campaigns to reach your audience at the most engaging places. You can deliver them mobile or other types of messages using real time location data to create instant engagements. You can run promotional activities near a big store, a stadium or even in a specific neighborhood to increase the impact. Just determine the places you may most likely to have profitable interactions and let SmartMessage Marketing Platform do the rest.

Deliver engaging messages to your audience wherever they are.

SmartMessage allows you to maximize efficiency from differente-marketer
channels you use for marketing communications.

You can use your authorized mobile subscriber data as an effective base for your beacon and LBS marketing activities. All the data collected from the campaigns are processed and reported to you so that you can create more effective campaigns based on the meaningful insights and information.

SmartMessage is the right tool for your proximity marketing targets. From greeting your customers to delivering them unbeatable promotions, you can use SmartMessage as a profitable medium to boost your location based marketing communications. Be there with the right message long before your competitors try to get in touch with your potential prospects.

  • Marketing for consumers on the go
  • Adjustable distance
  • Easy set up & maintanence
  • Low infrastructure investment
  • IOS and Android friendly
  • Easily managable medium for customer data collection
  • Can be used as an effective tool in omnichannel marketing activities
  • Location or store specific campaigns
  • Customer engagement (especially for mobile users)
  • Creation of a seamless brand experience
  • Combat showrooming
  • Buying decision influence
  • Enhancement of in-store shopping experience
  • Data proven impact in especially retail industry

Contact us to learn how you can use beacons and location based marketing notifications to reach your customers wherever they are.