Voice (IVN) & Speech (TTS)

Get the most benefit from the IVN (Interactive Voice Notifications) and TTS (Text to Speech) channels and reduce your operational costs

Combined with TTS channel, IVN provides a flexible infrastructure enabling execution of multiple and different voice automation processes simultaneously. Minimizing the need for operators and the time spent for issue solving, IVN and TTS are great ways to decrease the costs of communication for the companies that deliver services and products to vast audiences.

SmartMessage provides you a great number of cost effective marketing implementations via voice and speech based communications. Notify your customers of relevant changes in services, regulations, and products. Let them complete transactions easily with the help of directive notifications. Run surveys or polls to improve your service or product quality. Provide your audience the right information quickly and effectively with the selective information lookup.

Create smart and meaningful conversations to increase satisfaction and conversion rates

Since SmartMessage is an all-in-one omnichannel marketing platform, you will get the advantage of integrating your other channel campaigns with IVN and TTS activities easily and efficiently. Due to its unified infrastructure, you will be able to track each and every step in different channels and take proactive actions to improve the outcomes from combined marketing efforts.

SmartMessage lets you easily realize your communication scenarios that your customers will benefit the most. Also,  you will have the privilege to give your audience the freedom to choose how they interact with your business. All of the data from IVN and TTS and interactions will be collected and processed for better campaigns and brand communication via SmartMessage’s integrated marketing infrastructure. Lead your customers to the right information while enriching your profitable data of smart communications.

  • Interactive Voice Notifications
    • Improvement of customer satisfaction and retention
    • Inbound call reducement
    • Interactive relation with the customers
    • Decrease in operational costs and increase in profits
  • Text to Speech
    • Decreasing cost for call center and customer service desk operations
    • Enhanced engagement with the customers
    • Easy use for the disabled users
    • Multiplatform and multilingual support advantage
    • Better optimization for the call center agent activities
    • Can be used as a complementary part of automation
  • Interactive Voice Notification:
    • Bank and stock actions (like account balances and transfers)
    • Surveys, questionnaires, and polls
    • Office call routing, outbound calling
    • Transactions like simple order entry
    • Caller verification
    • Selective information lookup
    • Call center uses
  • Text to speech:
    • Tele-banking
    • Voice operated appliances, kiosks, and ATMs
    • IVR systems
    • E-learning
    • Call center automation
    • Reading service for e-mail and SMS
    • Help for disabled users

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