Push Notification

Deliver your customers irresistible offers with Push Notification

You can create clickable messages in the forms of Text Push, Rich Push, Interactive Push, and Location Based Push easily with SmartMessage. Enjoy the freedom to have the ability to send push notifications without investing in an application. Just use the flexible infrastructure of SmartMessage to reach scalable and reliable delivery performance for your push notifications.

Smarter push notification to deliver amazing experiences that build relationships

You can use push notifications so as to promote your brand and products, run special campaigns and even drive traffic to your website or applications. Considered to be less disruptive than other methods, push notifications will perform as the most engaging messages you deliver your audience. SmartMessage push notifications will let you do more effective targeted marketing.

Boost the impact of your campaigns with real-time alerts in form of push notifications. Engage directly with your customers to deliver relevant messages. Use push notifications as a cost-effective and profitable way to get connected especially with the mobile users. Deliver valuable information or offers to your audience wherever they are.

Don’t miss the opportunities created by push notifications in the mobile world

of mobile users' time are spent in apps. Mobile users spend 2,5 hours per day on their mobile. (Accengage, 2016)

is the engagement rate which push-enabled apps enjoy. Push notifications perform an open rate up to 80%. (Inc42, 2016

apps are accessed by an average user per month. (Nielsen, 2016)

Types of Push Notification You Can Deploy With SmartMessage Marketing Platform

You can send text based push notifications to your customers via SmartMessage Marketing Platform. You can highlight the updates about your products and services, announce campaigns and promotions and deliver crucial information with this simple but very effective method.

With high delivery and open rates, push notification is a great tool to increase engagement with your audience. Text based push notifications are easily accessible for your targeted user groups which spend about 3 hours a day on their mobile phones.

As the global mobile use penetration increases rapidly year by year, push notifications empower you in communication effectiveness with your customers via direct and easily manageable reach.

Rich push notification takes you to another level with the capability of adding visual elements to your push messages. By adding elements like attractive pictures your messages will be stronger and more eye catching.

With interactive notifications, your customers can take actions without opening the application. This method great brings great flexibility for the brands and their audiences. You can add call to action or response buttons to increase interactivity with your users. Furthermore, you can add visual elements like images to push notifications and use this method for digital marketing activities like retargeting.

This push notification method allows you to reach your customers wherever they are. Especially widely used in sectors like retail, location-based push notifications is the efficient method for geolocation based digital marketing activities. Simply stated you can attract and pull the customers to your store with a special campaign notification when they are close to your location.

  • Direct communication with the customers
  • High click through rates
  • Ease of use for the customers
  • Reporting and scheduling advantages
  • Cross platform and channel use (Also can be used as a complementary activity)
  • Data management capabilities
  • Mobile marketing automation
  • Engagement
  • Communication
  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Experience Improvement

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