SmartMessage Autoflow is an easy to manage marketing automation tool that delivers efficient results while enhancing your customer intelligence power.

SmartMessage Autoflow turns complex scenarios into easy to plan and execute marketing actions. As a productive tool, it allows multistep, multi-action steps triggering real-time interactions. SmartMessage Autoflow enables you to create omnichannel campaigns to have impactful results. Increase the performance of your channels with robust automation benefits.

Besides the benefits of customer data collection, optimized engagement, and seamless connections, SmartMessage delivers you the methods to eliminate repetitive manual processes to drive quantifiable results. To save your precious time and effort, SmartMessage Autoflow will automate your marketing processes such as customer segmentation, customer data integration, and campaign management.

Find out how SmartMessage Autoflow will maximize the gains from your repetitive marketing activities and grow your sales funnel

Easily manage all the stages of lead generation starting from data collection to conversion

SmartMessage Autoflow will allow you to tie your inbound, outbound and lead nurturing activities together so that you can maximize the benefits from your campaigns at ease. Running campaigns, nurturing prospects, attracting interests and capturing leads will work in harmony to provide you the best results with less effort.

Optimize the timing, placement, and frequency of your digital campaigns with automation

Delivering your message at the right time, via the right medium and more important to the right audience in their customer journey is extremely critical for the success of your campaigns. Use SmartMessage Autoflow as a profitable medium to improve customer satisfaction and initialize conversions. Place marketing intelligence in the heart of your lead generation processes.

Create real-time, event driven marketing with complex event processing

Combine data from different relevant sources to run effective campaigns by integrating your system with SmartMessage Autoflow. Trigger different parts of your communication channels to run automated responses to increase customer satisfaction and improve revenue generation. Manage complex acquisition scenarios without spending too much time for manual processes.