SmartMessage Connect integrates all the channels your customers reach you and allows interactive communication via chatbots.

SmartMessage Connect provides enhanced control over interactions with your customers, subscribers or users across the digital channels. Thus our product improves your response time and increases customer satisfaction to deliver profitable results.

The digital revolution era customers are extremely eager to connect with brands on any existing channel they can find. With SmartMessage Connect you can convert these precious connection moments and interactions into fresh opportunities of demand generation. Every signal you get from your customers will be turned into valuable data creating smart marketing that engages and deepens relationships.

Take customer connection to the next level with  personalized & interactive messages and lead creating conversations

Get the most out of endless opportunities SmartMessage Connect brings with seamless integrations

SmartMessage Connect will deliver you the flexibility to collect data from different channels and platforms your customers connect with you. Whether it is an e-mail or SMS, or a social media interaction from Twitter or Swarm, every single bit of the data captured will be used for creating customer intelligence which brings sustainable and profitable results.

Use the power of real-time conversations and artificial intelligence

Chatbots will create a massive opportunity to connect with the targeted audiences and strengthen and improve the relationships between consumers and brands. The reason is simple: It’s because for the first time ever people are using instant messaging apps more than they are using social networks. Take advantage of customized chatbots served by SmartMessage Connect to be on the front line of customer engagement technologies. Use the most popular IM platforms to run conversations with your audience to increase customer satisfaction and create new lead opportunities.

End customer connection scenarios with profitable outcomes

SmartMessage Connect provides the base for engaging customer interactions in fulfilling the most common needs with time and effort optimization. From inquiry services to application & registration processes, campaign participation actions and call center activities every moment your customer gets in touch with you will create new opportunities for deeper and more profitable engagements.