SmartMessage Engage is a digital marketing tool that will boost your engagement with your customers via state-of-art omnichannel messaging and campaign management.

E-mail, SMS/MMS, IVN, Text to Speech, Push Notification, Location Based Messaging and Beacon Technology… Whatever your communication channel is, drive value from strong engagement with your audience. With SmartMessage Engage, you will have the advantage of managing all of your channels through one single consolidated API. Avoid loss of time and ineffectiveness caused by the use of separate systems.

Accelerate the growth of your business by efficient engagement across all channels

Initiate, track and measure all of your digital campaigns from one place with ease of use

Take the control of your digital campaigns without additional effort and enjoy the valuable outcomes. With features like campaign overview, campaign status check, spam score check, and A/B testing; improve performances in all the channels. Attract, convert, welcome and retain your target audience to cover all steps of engagement successfully.

Enjoy the merits of in-depth reporting and analysis to secure sustainable success

Keep track of your statistics and click rates with real-time reports, and easily modify your content accordingly. Monitor all your activity with detailed reports derived from SmartMessage’s integrations with analytics tools like  Web Analytics, Google Analytics, Clicktale and Microsoft Power BI.

Take advantage of using innovative campaign management features to increase effectiveness

SmartMessage Engage embodies innovative modules to increase your customer engagement efficiency. From secure messaging to optimization and emergency status signaling to campaign interest area verification, SmartMessage delivers you the most comprehensive campaign management experience across all channels.

SmartMessage Engage empowers you with best in class omnichannel messaging

With a super easy to manage interface, SmartMessage Engage allows you to control all of your channels from one place. With features allowing precise segmentation and profiling, our product enables you to deliver the right message to the right user via the right channel. For effective personalization across the channels, SmartMessage Engage is the perfect solution delivering the best results.