SmartMessage Preference lengthens your relation with your customers giving them more power on brand communication.

SmartMessage Preference is a digital marketing instrument for building long lasting relations with your customers. It also unifies opt-out processes ensuring the customer satisfaction. Your customers receive what they are interested in via channels they prefer. Your brand will stay away from a spammy image. You will have more loyal customers. If you really want to fulfill your audience’s communication expectations, SmartMessage Preference is the perfect answer for you.

Digital age consumers demand more from the companies and brands. With digital tools and gadgets in hand, they expect fast and efficient solutions for their requests. They want the business world to treat them as individuals, not like masses; they want to reflect their personal choices even on the interactions with brands.

Empowering your customers with control over channel communications will boost your engagement.

Modern customers even want to command and control the ways, and methods companies use to reach them. This level of personalization naturally increases competitive power while improving customer satisfaction.

Build the essential step of personalization based on what’s important for them

With SmartMessage Preference, we salute your target audience with freedom of deciding the context, the channel and the timing they want to be touched. The time for unrequested, inappropriate messages is ending; we welcome you to the next level of engagement. .

Know your customers better via analysis of their omnichannel preferences

SmartMessage Preference delivers the flexibility of using internal and external data to create best customer experiences. You let your target audience reflect their interests via an easy to use interface of next gen engagement tool. The more customer takes control, the more satisfaction increases. Your users can even choose the language of the message they will be delivered. With SmartMessage Preference, your customer is in the driver’s seat. The road to customer satisfaction has never been this short.