SmartMessage Survey will enable you to get to know your customers better via surveys and marketing forms.

Without having an idea about your audience’s thoughts on your products or services, it is impossible to innovate and progress in your market. SmartMessage Survey allows you to create and run online polls and surveys to gather valuable feedback from those you care the most in the business life: Your customers. Quickly build efficient surveys to collect precious data that you can use in the channels you run your digital activities while engaging with your customers.

Connect directly with your target audience and get more actionable information

With SmartMessage Survey you can engage with your customers, employees or subscribers through web or e-mail channels effectively. You can enjoy advanced features such as unique attendee link, special privacy settings avoiding multiple entrances, rich questioning and reporting choices, multi-language support, video-document attachment capability and resume mode allowing users to continue from where they left off.

Enrich your questions to gather more information from your customers

You can create surveys with many different question types with SmartMessage Survey. You can add an unlimited number of questions to your survey while implementing features like combo box, matrix answer and question skipping. SmartMessage Survey allows you to pull questions from your question bank. With easy to manage and fast reporting capabilities, SmartMessage Survey delivers you the results as soon as the participants have completed the survey. Summary and detailed reports are available for your analysis to form new engaging marketing activities.

Integrate SmartMessage Survey easily to your systems to increase efficiency

With its flexible infrastructure, SmartMessage Survey can be integrated into your own systems quickly with minimum effort. You can create and run surveys & forms for both inner and outer use to gather the most valuable data related to the customer or employee satisfaction. You can set your own privacy and permission rules to get the most benefit from your actions. You can even add campaigns into your surveys to perform lead generation activities on SmartMessage Survey.