With SMS/MMS channel, drive a sustainable opt-in marketing strategy

Mobile short messaging remains as one of the most preferred and efficient tools for brands to reach their target customers. Ranging from bulk messages to OTP (One Time Password) and interactive formats, SMS and MMS fulfill several brand communication objectives like informing, celebrating, promoting and so on.

SmartMessage produces trackable and measurable results for your campaigns. With an easy-to-use interface, you can effortlessly create and execute your bulk SMS and MMS marketing activities to reach better engagement with your customers.  Benefit better from your database and closely track the results in details to analyze your promotional efforts.

Unleash the power of your mobile marketing communications

Customization is a value add for your brand in SMS/MMS campaigns. Send SMS/MMS using your own company or brand name (alphanumeric) to expand your brand awareness. Use different operators for the different segments to capture all profiles in your database. The flexible infrastructure of SmartMessage allows you to run different operators for your bulk SMS/MMS campaigns.

With SmartMessage, you can empower transaction-enabled messaging with SMS responses from your audience. You can execute promotional campaigns, contests, giveaways and other interactive activities to expand the reach and returns. Also you can integrate your SMS campaigns with your other marketing activities you run on different channels.

Instances like OTP deployment in banking and e-commerce activities are highly critical in terms of data security. SmartMessage supports you in such scenarios to create your OTPs and similar messaging actions to increase safety levels. Build safer experiences of customer engagement with encryption and authentication through SmartMessage’s deployment.

Why is SMS Marketing still so important for your business?

Global Open Rate of SMS (via Techipedia, 2015)
Almost All SMS Text Messages are Read Within 3 Minutes (via Conversational Advertising, 2015)
Global SMS Marketing Click-Through Rate (via, 2014)
  • Direct, immediate reach
  • Easy integration with other channels
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Mobile reach advantage
  • Trackable and measurable medium
  • Can be used for lead generation
  • Cost effective and eco-friendly
  • High ROI and open rates
  • Not a disruptive, invasive channel
  • Two-way capabilities
  • Customer database generation
  • Promotion of products and services
  • Offering and campaigns
  • Feedback collection
  • Loyalty building
  • Online interaction security (e.g. OTT)
  • Notification & celebration
  • Triggering

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