SmartMessage Marketing Platform Omnichannel Success Stories

Our biggest motivation is to be a part of our clients’ success stories. Together we walk, together we grow.


SmartMessage Marketing Platform enriched Allianz’s bulk deliveries with various productive formats and integrated the digital marketing efforts successfully in SMS and e-mail channels.

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SmartMessage Marketing Platform took e-mail marketing activities of Divan to a higher level. Trackable, meaningful and actionable data gathered improved customer engagement.

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Brands need various kind of digital activities to engage better with their customers. Serving all of them from one easy to manage place ensures the success. SmartMessage Marketing Platform made this possible for Enerjisa.

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SmartMessage Marketing Platform fulfilled the scalability and high-performance needs of Isbank perfectly. The result is a stable business relation of 10 years and counting.

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Powerful integration and centralization increase channel efficiency and customer loyalty. SmartMessage managed that for Metlife.

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Delivering a unified experience is a challenge for digital age retailers. SmartMessage helped Migros overcome this issue with omnichannel excellence.

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SmartMessage Marketing Platform helped Pegasus improve loyalty program efficiency with omnichannel digital activities. Pegasus used the cloud version to fulfill customer needs and increase engagement.

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SmartMessage Marketing Platform acts like a super talented digital marketing hub that covers all the messaging needs across the digital channels.

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SmartMessage Marketing Platform integrated e-mail, SMS, and IVR channels perfectly for Turk Telekom and decreased the unit cost of reaching a customer.

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When you communicate with millions a reliable partner is an empowering force to ensure a flawless experience. SmartMessage filled this gap for Turksat.

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