E-mail is among the most effectively used digital channels in the business world. Especially considering the value it creates in return for investment, it remains among the indispensables of marketers. With the right e-mail marketing strategy, it is possible to increase communication efficiency as well as increase new customer acquisitions and existing customer loyalty.

An important digital channel from important notifications to marketing campaigns, e-mail is one of the main tools that businesses use to improve customer experience. This makes it indispensable for years. The e-mail audience continues to grow all over the world. According to statistics from Statista, this growth will continue in the coming years. Now let’s look at the benefits of email marketing to businesses.

1) Strengthens Your Customer Relationships

By sending regular e-mails to your customers, you can provide information about the latest status of your company and deliver your new campaigns for your products and services. E-mails to be sent periodically without squeezing them will not only strengthen your bonds, but also bring you benefits in terms of loyalty. For example, with e-bulletins, you can keep the interest constant and share interesting content. Frequency of posting is very important here. The e-mails you send periodically without boring your audience will contribute to your relations.

2) Contributes to Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an important topic in your company’s success in terms of attracting more customers. With e-mail marketing, you can maintain your brand awareness and underline that you are one of the leading companies in your field of activity. You can use the power of e-mail in an integrated way with advertising and social media shares and spread your influence to a wider area.

3) Saves Time

If you send e-mails especially from professional tools such as SmartMessage, you can provide significant time optimization in terms of design, planning and sending. You may experience the difference in performance and scalability, especially when sending to large audiences. You can easily reach audiences that will take a lot of time to reach one by one by email.

4) It Provides Reaching Many People With Its Low Cost

The e-mail channel is one of the most efficient channels to reach the masses. In this respect, it comes to the fore among high-performance digital channels in order to return the investment made. It allows you to perform mass communication more economically.

5) Measurability

Especially if you use a professional email marketing tool, you will have data that will strengthen your hand on measurability. You can track important metrics such as how much your e-mails are opened, read, and forwarded. You gain an advantage in analyzing the audience you cannot reach, and you can set up more successful campaigns with better segmentations. You gain an advantage in analyzing the audience you cannot reach, and you can set up more successful campaigns with better segmentations.

6) Possibility of Customizable Content

Email marketing also creates the opportunity for you to deliver personalized and even hyper-personalized content to your audience. By incorporating segmentation and marketing automation, you can deliver content to your customers exactly when they want it and exactly what they’re interested in. Personalization yields results that increase customers’ loyalty to the brand. Personalized content, which is an important advantage for users to feel special, can be delivered at the right time via e-mail.

7) Ease of Use

E-mails provide convenience in terms of sending, as well as allowing the recipient to reach the desired information immediately. The use of e-mail, which audiences of all ages can easily get used to, has become one of the most important means of direct communication, especially for businesses.

8) Being the Preferred Communication Channel of Users

According to Statista.com’s data, 4 billion people in the world, that is, more than half of the entire world’s population, are email users. User growth continues. Consumers prioritize e-mail when determining the channels through which brands will communicate with them. They regularly check their e-mails every day in order not to miss notifications and campaigns. E-mail has an important place in the internet usage habits of not only the employees but also the entire audience.

9) It Provides Advantage in Increasing Your Sales

Businesses use the e-mail channel as a very important campaign source to increase sales. Thanks to this channel, which is highly productive according to the investment made, they can apply tactics such as cross-selling and directing to sales that create higher value. We can easily say that e-mail is a very important channel in both expanding the customer portfolio and increasing the value gained from the customer.

10) Keeps You in Touch on More Devices

With e-mail marketing, it is possible to easily capture not only the audience who check their e-mail from a PC, but also consumers using mobile devices and tablets. With e-mails that pay particular attention to responsive design, you can offer interesting campaigns to your customers wherever they are. Nowadays, e-mail tracking from mobile phones reaches significant percentages, and you can catch customers from different devices via e-mail.

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