Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, automation has been an essential building block of productivity for businesses. Automation has been leading the way to efficiency & profitability in countless different industries for many years. Today, it still continues to help brands to reduce the costs of repetitive and time-consuming processes while enabling them to get the most out of optimization in the most effective ways.

In the digital age, marketing has become one of the most critical instruments of commercial success while brand new tools automating all the stages of consumer journey empowers the business world with scalable and meaningful data to run more stable and profitable engagement activities.

What is marketing automation anyway?

Marketing automation is the use of software platforms and technologies with the capability of handling repetitive marketing tasks and actions automatically in order to manage effective marketing activities on different engagement channels (such as email, web, social media, etc.) In the modern marketing world, if your aim is to send the right message to the right receiver at the right time & place, marketing automation is a Swiss blade in your toolbox. With abilities like data collection & analysis, coordination, precise scheduling, and delivery, marketing automation is the foundation for consistent and sustainable marketing

Started as basic e-mailing campaigns, marketing automation has come a long way processing complex scenarios to deliver the most efficient outcomes. As the number of engagement channels with the target audience increased, marketing automation tools got more powerful and complex

OK,  Why is marketing automation important for my business?

There are many benefits brands can get from marketing automation. We have summed up the most critical ones to give you a better idea on this trendy topic:

  1. Marketing automation enables you to collect and analyze customer data from your various engagement channels. This unified and appropriate data is super critical for running successful campaigns.
  2. It reduces costs & increases efficiency automating repetitive operational processes.
  3. As far as personalization and one-to-one marketing are concerned, it is the perfect tool to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time & place.
  4. It is one of the most efficient ways to increase conversion performance. It is an effective playground for lead nurturing activities.
  5. Using the historical data of consumer behaviors and actions, it improves targeting. Better targeting leads to better lead conversion.
  6. It helps businesses improve their customer experiences. Response timing decreases and customers feel more personalized and engaged.
  7. It reduces errors caused by humans in the marketing processes.
  8. With flexibility on board, marketing automation allows effective integration with the core internal and external systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) easily.
  9. It improves alignment and integration of sales, marketing and channel teams acting as a unifying tool that orchestrates the different parties’ actions. Also, it helps to shorten the sales circle with the aid of highly responsive and interactive actions.

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