Marketing automation is becoming more popular among marketers of today. With a heavy weight of many different tasks on their shoulders, marketing people see automation as a skillful assistant in optimizing their workload and increasing efficiency.


Marketing automation is a productive tool to align people, processes, and technology to achieve higher revenue and faster growth. It works with the technology that allows brands to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows. It is a path to implement a more measurable and trackable marketing strategy.


What marketing automation is not…


In the marketing world we often see the concept is mixed with other terms or activities. Marketing automation has differentiations from one dimensional channel efforts.


  • It’s not a fancy name for email marketing

    Marketing automation is not equal to email automation. Sometimes these two methods are being used as similar terms, but they are not the same thing. Marketing automation encompasses marketing campaigns across all channels and combines capabilities of the CRM, lead management system and web analytics platform. It is not limited to email marketing.

  • It is not a way to send spam

    In fact, it is an exceptional way of marketing that truly connects with customers on 1:1 personalized messages.

  • It is not a solution that only benefits marketing

    High-quality marketing automation usage ultimately is about increasing revenue. It helps Sales, Customer Relations & Services and other business units that engages with the customers.

  • It is a not a solution that delivers value without effort

    It requires the support of a comprehensive strategy that integrates the right processes, people, content, data, and more, but choosing a right tool accelerates the brands in reaching success.

Many benefits of Marketing Automation


Marketing automation helps companies save costs and time. Especially for operational and repetitive tasks it truly is a life saver.


It increases budget efficiency. Different business units can track and measure the costs more precisely and manage their budgets better. They shift their budget spending to more productive channels.


It helps lead nurturing. It is a great tool to use in different stages of the customer journeys to end with sales. From brand awareness to customer actualization, it can help all through the way.


It creates hyper-personalized customer journeys. Consumers of today request more than personalization. They ask for offers within right context, with perfect timing and in the right place. Marketing automation creates opportunities to make them feel special. It is not sending a birthday email to a customer; it is sending the special birthday offer as the customer passes near the store – an offer especially on her favourite shoes that she has been checking on the website lately.


It increases customer lifetime value. The satisfied customers stay more and spend more.


It improves the accountability of marketing and sales teams. Budgets are more measurable and flexible to manage. Sales funnels are more trackable and measurable as well. Marketing teams improve their channel performances and sales teams get more leads.


Marketing automation provides better reporting and decision making. Since all the data from actions and transactions are gathered and analysed, marketing automation delivers detailed reports to marketers and other business units. It is easier to make decisions based on solid data, rather than wild guesses.


It leads to more satisfying customer experiences. Marketing automation enables brands to create communications at the right time and place within the right context. Since it helps unify the customer profile across the channels, providing seamless experiences is easier for marketers. Customers get quick answers to their requests, enjoy hyper-personalized offers and start acting like brand ambassadors.


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