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Build and deploy bots across all messaging platforms (and web) and have human agents taking over only when needed.

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As new conversational channels emerge every day, businesses struggle to build and manage more bots and establish a connected experience across them as well as between their existing channels and systems. The SmartMessage Bots platform gives enterprises every necessary component to clear the challenges of “how” when it comes to designing, building, testing and deploying omni-channel chatbots.

Our one-stop solution provides a scalable, secure, and repeatable foundation to build chatbots that perform a wide range of intelligent tasks, communicate with people and systems while leveraging data to drive actionable customer engagements across channels.


Create and maintain a holistic brand experience

Build engaging conversational experiences across Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, Webchat, Telegram and Viber

SmartMessage provides a simple, web-based platform with a graphical dialog builder tool designed to make chatbot development efforts intuitive, consistent, and easily repeatable.

Services - Customization

Code Free Dialog Builder

The dialog builder gives developers a simple visual interface to create complex conversational flows and decision trees between users and bots.

Rich Messaging

Go beyond text with images, GIF’s, audio/video files or customized buttons that can directly link to your website.

3rd Party Intent Engine Support

Access third party NLP engines for chatbot training. SmartMessage offers built-in integration with Microsoft LUIS. Design and build your bot with the dialog builder and with a click of a button train your bot with to get better results.

Deploy bots to multiple channels from a single configuration

SmartMessage bots platform provides advanced, cross channel communication connectors that automatically adapt messages to match the unique formatting used by each communication channel. This allows you to send and receive customer-focused messages across all available channels from a single, unified platform.

Global Offices

Channel Connectors

Build your bot once and deploy across multiple channels. The channel connector framework abstracts channel interfaces and offers features such as authorization control, response formatting for and channel connectivity.

Live Testing and Publishing

Test in real-time throughout the bot building process from a single interface. Instantly launch your bot across your chat apps with one click publish once you have designed and tested your conversational flow.

Optimize customer experiences based on real-time insights

Chatbots can play a key role in meeting high consumer expectations for service, but a poorly designed or maintained bot can ruin the customer experience. They can be used as an effective digital channel as part of the omnichannel marketing strategy. SmartMessage provides analytics and real-time engagement solutions allowing you to more efficiently engage with your audiences and efficiently automate sales, support and other key functions.

Integrations - SALESFORCE

Analytics & Insights

Monitor and measure the bot’s performance and engagement metrics. Visually rich dashboards and reports allow businesses to discover useful insights to optimize customer experiences.

Live Agent Handoff

Hand off a conversation from your bots directly to your human agents via the customer support solution they use. Include a complete history of the conversation to provide a seamless customer experience.

Campaign Management

Engage your users with smart, interactive campaigns. Schedule or trigger personalized and targeted broadcast messages to some or all your users across channels, devices and platforms.

We believe chatbot technology provides the most convenient form of live chat so we focused on developing tools to build automated bot conversations that satisfy your customers and help you achieve your customer communication goals.


Create one single bot framework for all your platforms

Available 24/7/365

Chatbots are available 24/7 and all year round, meaning that organizations using them remain operational on weekends, public holidays, and outside of business hours. Improve customer service and retention with bots that can process requests and deliver instant answers in real-time – anytime.

Reduce operational costs

Implementing a fully functioning or advanced chatbot is much cheaper and quicker than hiring human resources for every task or building custom apps and solutions. By “employing” chatbots, you will not only save on employee costs, but you will also avoid the problems caused by human error.

Be everywhere your customers are

Chatbots can be applied to any number messaging platforms giving users the freedom of choice. Being channel-agnostic allows chatbots to be where the people want to access to information and assistance, regardless of location or device. This added value improves customer engagement and fosters trusted relationships.


Enterprise-ready marketing platform,
transformative know-how

Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation,
SmartMessage’s technologies and solutions help chart a path to success.


Flexible and scalable

SmartMessage supports on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments. With this scalable platform, you’ll improve the total cost of ownership, deliver better results and be ready for future challenges.


Customizations to meet
your needs

We offer fully customizable enterprise-ready products and solutions – including custom development, custom integrations and customized products and solutions to meet your unique business needs and requirements.


Services that drive

We take pride in helping our clients succeed. Our experts become a seamless extension of your team, helping achieve your enterprise-scale goals through personalized, one-to-one support.


A unique maturity

Our flexible technology, modular services packages, and profile and channel-based pricing model allow you to start now and grow with SmartMessage Campaign as you expand your marketing maturity.

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Bot Builder can do
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Let’s talk about what SmartMessage Bot Builder can do for your business.

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