Omnichannel Campaign Manager


Customers want a seamless experience – no matter where they engage with your brand. A centralized place to coordinate messages across all of your channels is essential for creating relevant experiences.

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Smarter campaigns,
better results

With SmartMessage Campaign Manager, you can use rich audience profiles to create, coordinate and deliver engaging campaigns through email, mobile, social media and more. Nurture your customer base and build loyalty with an easy-to-use, comprehensive and enterprise-grade solution that allows you to take full control of your marketing initiatives to reach your target audience – with real-time results.

Unify disparate data sources into a one system of record. Combine demographic, transaction and engagement data from every location and channel to deliver meaningful experiences. Easily create segments based on any rules and criteria applied to unlimited data attributes. Filter millions of profiles in seconds and get instant counts for sending.

Reach Your Potential Customers via Mobile Marketing

Our drag-and-drop Content Builder gives you all the tools you need to make engaging, consistent content across all your engagement channels – including email, mobile, advertising and chat apps. Design a template from scratch or work from ready-made, professionally designed templates. Launch branded multi-channel, multi-language campaigns in no time – and engage your customers on their terms wherever they are.

Campaign Manager

Our platform has the enterprise-level scalability and cross-channel execution capabilities to achieve your goals and drive results. Whether you send transactional messages, setup recurring campaigns, or automate triggered campaigns, SmartMessage Campaign Manager gives you the power to create a flexible channel strategy that meets your goals and delivers value for your customers.

Campaign Manager Screen - Start a Campaign

See the big cross-channel picture by viewing all campaigns you’ve sent – and their most important metrics – all in a single place. SmartMessage Campaign Manager provides comprehensive reports to monitor the effectiveness of your omni-channel marketing campaigns. Get real-time insights on how your consumers engage with your brand across channels to optimize your marketing strategy.

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We make valuable customer experiences out of complex, enterprise-scale data,
enabling more marketing in less time.


One platform to power connected,
meaningful experiences

Eliminate silos

Unify customer data from all your systems. Capture each customer’s activities across all channels and devices. Use this information to seamlessly engage with each customer across touchpoints.

Improve customer engagement

Customers matter more than channels. Use customer data to build engaging cross-channel campaigns that talk to your customers when and where they want.

Work smarter, not harder

Get a single view of all performance metrics across all your channels in real-time. Use insights to optimize campaigns, messages and offers. Achieve better results with less effort.

Location Based Messaging


Bring online &
offline together

Use SmartMessage Geofencing capabilities to capture audiences visiting your physical locations to deliver geotargeted campaigns. Reach the right audience at the right time and deliver relevant messages to increase foot traffic and conversions.


Enterprise-ready marketing platform,
transformative know-how

Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation,
SmartMessage’s technologies and solutions help chart a path to success.


Flexible and scalable

SmartMessage supports on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments. With this scalable platform, you’ll improve the total cost of ownership, deliver better results and be ready for future challenges.


Customizations to meet
your needs

We offer fully customizable enterprise-ready products and solutions – including custom development, custom integrations and customized products and solutions to meet your unique business needs and requirements.


Services that drive

We take pride in helping our clients succeed. Our experts become a seamless extension of your team, helping achieve your enterprise-scale goals through personalized, one-to-one support.


A unique maturity

Our flexible technology, modular services packages, and profile and channel-based pricing model allow you to start now and grow with SmartMessage Campaign as you expand your marketing maturity.

Let’s talk about what
SmartMessage Campaign can do for
your business.

+90 850 221 39 00

Let’s talk about what SmartMessage Campaign can do for your business.

+90 850 221 39 00