(Serhat Beyazkaya, SmartMessage Product Marketing Manager) What is an e-mail for if your subscribers do not open and read them? Brands still try to solve this issue in the modern marketing world. You may be working with a reliable email service provider, implementing email marketing strategies effectively, and even delivering messages with a great design and content, but in the end, you are only successful if your audience responds to your efforts. The success depends on some factors that many will consider as details. But the truth is those details make all the difference in increasing engagement of your email campaign.

Let’s start with the “subject” of your emails. The subject line is the first content part that your subscribers will notice when they receive your emails. Choosing the right subject is crucial for reaching high success open rates.

What to Avoid When Creating Subject Lines

  • Using spammy words or letters like Free, Help, Last Reminder, Shock, $$, XXX, Click Here^! Only etc.
  • Creating a subject line with CAPS
  • Adding too many exclamation marks (!!!)
  • Using red color

Best Subject Line Recommendations

Your subject line should be short and meaningful.

According to Return Path research and studies, a 65 character long subject line is the ideal.

Using emojis related to your email content help increase open rates.

Some Statistics

According to a study shared by Super office, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line.

Nearly 70% of consumers mark messages as spam just based on the subject line.

Email messages that use emoji in the subject lines attract users (66% more open than those without) according to Mobile Marketer.

Last Few Steps

You need to check a few more details before you start your email campaign.

Spam Analysis

Once you design and code your properly, you need to have a spam check via spam analysis tool provided by your email service provider.

This analysis checks many details like the use of letters and words in the subject line, text-to-image ratio, and font size in the content and calculates the spam risk.

The analysis uses “Spam Assasin” service that sets international standards. It is OK to send emails as long as you don’t pass 4 points. Keeping your number close to 0 decreases the risk in your deliverability success.

Inbox Preview (Inbox Monitoring)

An email with broken images or lacking the design unity does not attract users and create engagement. This situation also carries the risk of losing users, and your message can fall into the Spam category.

To eliminate this, you can use “Inbox Review” to review how your email will look in mobile and desktop platforms before starting the campaign.

This way you can make sure that your email will look proper in all devices and avoid mistakes due to oversight.

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