With technology’s fast advance, consumer profile changed drastically. Mobile and empowered via digital revolution, new audiences demand more than products and services. It is no wonder why creating the best customer experiences has become the number one priority in the modern business world.


The marketers’ responsibility in creating expected experiences is expanding sharply. They are no longer locked in the rooms of lead generation and brand awareness castles. Since marketers lead the first touch scenes with consumers, brands expect them to deliver the best end to end: Experiences that lead to long-lasting productive relationships.


Where to start in a data-driven business world?


In this article, we aim to explain the foundation of desired experiences and highlight steps marketers should take to avoid confusion when running customer-centric strategies. A landscape with unlimited sources, solutions, and products may look overwhelming, but simplifying the process before making decisions leads to sound results.


1) Unify the profile of each customer


In the modern world, everything starts with the data. Bringing together data from all sources to build a unified profile of each customer and unifying all events, available campaigns, and transactions associated with them are the first steps of seamless experiences. The unification will maintain a 360° Single Customer View accessible across your company as a single source of truth. You cannot have great results with information breaches across your channels. As an example reaching a customer via call center to renew her subscription even though she did a week ago after receiving your push notification shows you are not aware of your customer’s actions regarding your brand. You can not build a stable relationship without knowing and tracking the preferences, behavior patterns, and real-time actions of your audience. Unifying the profile of each customer plays a crucial role in the first stage.


2) Optimize and automize your content creation and messaging


Especially for brands dealing with masses, it is not always easy to handle communication as expected. The centralization and orchestration of your communication empower you with better management of your experiences. Since the users will look for quick responses and consistency, automizing the content creation and delivery processes will bring more efficient results while increasing customer satisfaction. As an example, instead of making your customers wait on a support call queue delivering quick information via your chatbot will be more satisfactory for them. Even one bad experience leads consumers to use the luxury to switch to another brand as soon as possible.


3) Build hyper-personalized customer journeys


Connecting all the touchpoints enables brands to understand how customers act in different stages of experiences. Once you understand the patterns and preferences of your customers, it is easier to deliver hyper-personalized offers and messages. Adding real-time tracking even enlarges engagement opportunities. On the birthday of your customer,  would not it be amazing to deliver a special discount coupon as he passes through your new store?


Creating and maintaining a holistic brand experience is mainly the marketer’s duty and challenge today. Implementing a centralized and omnichannel approach accelerates the success of creating desired customer experiences.


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