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Dynamics 365 CRM helps you build strong relationships with your customers and prospects. Integrate it with SmartMessage and you can transform every customer interaction into a marketing opportunity. SmartMessage Marketing Platform is natively built-in Dynamics 365 to provide a seamless, integrated system for your cross-channel lead generation and customer experience management.

Build a unified profile of each customer

Bring all your sales, marketing and cross-channel customer engagement data together to build a single, unified view of your customers and prospects and create personalized and meaningful experiences at every touchpoint.

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Leverage data from Dynamics

Automatically pull up to date Marketing Lists from Microsoft Dynamics in real-time.

Push data to Dynamics

Integrate customer interactions with their Profile Card, update their communication preferences and use campaign response data when creating marketing lists. Synch custom fields such as Lead Score and Grade.

Empower sales with marketing data

From their Dynamics dashboard, sales can directly access SmartMessage Lead Scores, Hot Prospects, engagement histories, to see every campaign sent and opened to deliver smarter conversations.

Build your messages with customizable templates

Our drag-and-drop Content Builder gives you all the tools you need to make engaging, consistent content across all your engagement channels – including email, mobile, advertising and chat apps. Design a template from scratch or work from ready-made, professionally designed templates.

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Replace bulk messaging with real-time, event-triggered customer journeys

Enable anyone in your organization to create a customized omni-channel customer journey with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. Connect all the touchpoints, identify the moments that define the customer experience, and use them to power one-to-one relationships.

Drag and Drop Marketing Automation

Make every moment count

Automatically pull up to date Marketing Lists from Microsoft Dynamics in real-time.

Get leads ready for sale

Move leads through the pipeline with lead management capabilities (Lead scoring, lead nurturing, automated tasks and alerts).

Use one voice across all channels

Communicate seamlessly across email, SMS, push notifications, in-app messages, social ads and chat apps – so your customers get the right information wherever they are.

Gain valuable insights

Track, measure, and analyze the performance of all your cross-channel content, engagement and customer journeys with detailed SmartMessage reports right from within Dynamics 365 CRM.


Transform your CRM from a “Systems of Record” to a “Systems of Engagement” with SmartMessage content building, personalization and customer experience management solutions across every inbound and outbound channel


Bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing
with Microsoft and SmartMessage

Seamless native integration

SmartMessage marketing automation solution is natively embedded in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Avoid integration costs, save valuable time, reduce manual errors, and ensure data integrity between systems with the SmartMessage native add-on.

Smarter customer engagement

The bi-directional sync between SmartMessage and Dynamics means you have access to a 360-degree customer view. You can make more informed decisions about how to engage your prospects and customers with relevant experiences across the entire lifecycle.

Ready for Sales and Marketing

Sales users have a SmartMessage window in Dynamics, so they never have to leave their Dynamics dashboard to create and send trackable Email, SMS and Push campaigns or see contact’s preferences, consent and behaviors.


End-to-End Customer Experience Management

Our platform supports any one-to-one marketing and engagement channel, including email, SMS, push notifications, in-app messages, social ads, and chat apps.


Enterprise-ready marketing platform,
transformative know-how

Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation,
SmartMessage’s technologies and solutions help chart a path to success.


Flexible and scalable

SmartMessage supports on-premise, cloud or hybrid deployments. With this scalable platform, you’ll improve the total cost of ownership, deliver better results and be ready for future challenges.


Customizations to meet
your needs

We offer fully customizable enterprise-ready products and solutions – including custom development, custom integrations and customized products and solutions to meet your unique business needs and requirements.


Services that drive

We take pride in helping our clients succeed. Our experts become a seamless extension of your team, helping achieve your enterprise-scale goals through personalized, one-to-one support.


A unique maturity

Our flexible technology, modular services packages, and profile and channel-based pricing model allow you to start now and grow with SmartMessage Campaign as you expand your marketing maturity.

Let’s talk about what
SmartMessage Add-On
can do for your business

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Let’s talk about what SmartMessage Dynamics Native Add-On can do for your business

+90 850 221 39 00