Email marketing is a low cost and effective marketing strategy to reach the right audience with engaging messages. Shooting the target at the right time with the best content is the key to campaign success. On the other hand, when your customers mark your emails as spamming, the vital metrics, including the open rate eventually decrease, and this productive channel becomes an inefficient method. Evaluating campaign performance by carefully tracking the open rates will help you organize more effective tactics in your campaign strategies. We compiled useful tips to increase your success in reaching more customers and delivering more powerful messages.


Your Titles Should Be Short, Clear and Remarkable

At first, you need to grab your customers’ attention with an attractive title, a subject headline that will direct them to email. You can highlight your campaign with an attractive subject. The title should not exceed 40-50 characters.


Attention to the Buttons in Your Email Contents!

Your emails should contain CTA (Call to action) buttons to trigger your subscribers to take action.  Announcing a discounted product or a service at the top of the page is an example of increasing read rates and engagement.


Content Uniqueness is Important

Contents should be relevant to your customers or visitors. Contents that will add value to their businesses lead them keeps them engaged. If your subscribers find your content valuable, most likely they will share it with others. This is a good way to increase your subscriber volume as well. Don’t forget to add share links to increase the reach. Along with the marketing content, you should always share useful and practical information. A balance between sales-oriented and informative content is the key to success.


Create Loyalty with Contests and Gift Vouchers

You can increase the engagement of your subscribers by organizing online contests. Human nature is triggered by competing and winning. You can make your subscribers happy with small fun contests. Also, gift vouchers, special discounts, on products and services will attract their attention. You can convey this announcement to your users with beautiful email designs.


Don’t Forget to Personalize Your Emails

You should personalize your emails to increase your open rates and gain loyalty. Statistics show that open rates of personalized emails are higher. Gathering information about users is very important to ensure continuity. At this point, information including name/surname, geographic location, birthday, gender, order history is beneficiary. To provide more personalization, you can prepare short surveys that will not bother them and share them via emails.


Also, in your personalized e-mails, you can remind them of the products they left in the basket or offer them campaigns containing products they frequently buy. In this way, you can keep your database active.


Be Careful About the Tone of Your Voice and Communication Style

The way you communicate with your subscribers determines the relationship you will have in the future. A warm and informal style can make them feel special. Consumers prefer to be treated as individuals, not like figures, so they fancy humane conversation. Your members should feel like the e-mail arrived from one of their friends. Tons of e-mails arrive in boxes of each member during the day. Some of them go unnoticed because they do not attract the members enough, and some of them fall into the spam folder. At this point, you should make a difference. Personalized emails make users feel special and increase their loyalty.


Don’t Let the Shoppers Forget You

For shoppers who did not buy anything from your store for a specific time, you can send email campaigns with special discounts to start engagement again. You can show how you missed them with unique offers. In these e-mails, using conversational language like ‘We would like to see you again’, ‘We missed you so much’, or ‘This special discount is for you’ may have more impact. Communicating with your subscribers on a meaningful frequency will make them remember you and shop from your shops and e-stores.


You Should Remove Uninterested Users from Your Database

You can send an e-mail to users who do not look at your e-mails in the long term, indicating that they will be unsubscribed if they do not sign up again. For inactive members, you can send an email asking their intent to stay on the list or not. Thus, you can increase the active subscriber volume on your lists. It paves the way for you to reach the customers who return to emails and want to receive more information.


Make Your Customers Benefit from Cross-Border Campaigns

If you want your customers to see similar products they favor more often, you can draw their attention by email. Since similar products create selective perception, they can lead them to open e-mails and enable you to sign a successful campaign by directing the user to the shopping basket. For example, if your subscriber has already received a mobile phone from you, you can send him an email about the phone case. However, these emails should be relevant to your users and should stay away from being ‘spammy!. Frequency and content are very important to reach campaign success.


You may check some beautiful email campaign examples here.


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