Email marketing still reigns when it comes down to communicating and engaging with consumers and clients. First of all, the number of email users keeps increasing all around the world. Secondly, email marketing continues to be the most effective marketing channel delivering higher ROI compared to others (As stated in many research studies and reports including traditional, well trusted 2018 Email Marketing Industry Census report by Econsultancy). Thirdly, email marketing has the multidimensional strength to implement different types of marketing campaigns and strategies like retention, upsell, cross-sell, loyalty, customer satisfaction, etc.

Most probably you have come across many tips&tricks articles about the design and content for effective email marketing. One other important aspect is the effectiveness of the tools and platforms you use for implementing your email marketing strategy. Especially when you run a business where you talk to a hundred thousands and millions, high performance, sustainability and reliability become first things to consider.

No matter how engaging your content is if you can’t deliver it at the right time you will struggle to reach your goals.

So here are important things to consider to form a stable backbone to run email marketing activities. These can also help in erasing the doubts when choosing the most effective tool for success.

1) Sustainable high performance and reliability: When we talk about high volumes of delivery, stable performance is a must. Email marketers need to be sure about the recognition of vendors regarding this critical technical issue. It is always beneficial to question the proven success. Also, support response timing and quality play an important role affecting the reliability of vendors.

2) Flexibility: Especially when you run an organization where you have to use several external and internal systems like CRM, core, automation, etc. the harmony becomes critical. The email marketing tool you use should be flexible for integrations.  This capability will help you use your critical data for campaigns more effectively and create seamless experiences. For executing successful campaigns across channels, flexibility is an important aspect.

If you can’t deliver, you can’t reach your goals

3) Deliverability: Sending high volume of emails is not a guarantee for success. If these emails do not land on recipients’ inboxes, it will be a useless effort. SPAM controls and filters play a crucial role in deliverability of your emails. How does the email marketing solution you use handles that? Does it help you test the deliverability prior the deliveries? You need to be sure about the answers to ensure the successful reach.

4) Easiness of use: Modern business world limits the time we use for different tasks, so we expect tools and systems to reduce our load as much as they can. Choosing an easy to understand and operate tool saves time and leads to efficiency in a fast moving business scene. As far as the email marketing is concerned, using an email editor with a well-structured UI and productive function set avoid losses due to operational issues. Even using precisely optimized templates accelerates the completion of campaigns.

5) Reporting capabilities: Most of the tools are capable of tracking and reporting some common email marketing metrics. Knowing your goals and defining your reporting and analysis needs forehand can assist you in setting expectations from the email marketing tool and evaluating your campaigns better. Along with metrics like delivery, opens, and clicks, analysis like campaign geo-location, link tracking, devices used, etc. can be beneficial before planning the next campaign. Integration with tools like Google Analytics should be in place to match the performances with your digital sources like the website.

Email marketing success depends on an effective content marketing strategy, but without providing the perfect space and conditions (in this case a reliable and high-performing platform), the goals will be impossible to reach. First things first you need to be 100% ready at the starting point to go for that gold medal that is customer satisfaction in this fiercely competitive race.

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