As the COVID-19 Corona pandemic changed everything in social and business lives, brands needed to reconsider customer experience dynamics and marketing strategies to stay competitive in the new normal.


Marketers and customer relations experts started to re-evaluate sources that helped them create seamless experiences in a period when necessities became the first for their audiences.


Digital Transformation is Not an Option Anymore


Especially for brick and mortar businesses, the pandemic period was tougher to face. Brands that can continue services online was luckier to maintain their presence while trying to keep engagement with their customers alive. Companies that already implemented digital transformation had the advantage of using alternative channels to communicate with their customers effectively and make sure that they were still there for them. Investments for the omnichannel strategy paid off in increasing opportunities to reach consumers that increased online activities due to the pandemic.


Omnichannel is An Essential Strategy Now to Keep Engagement


The omnichannel marketing empowers brands with the centralization of online and offline channel activities.  Thus, they can create a seamless engagement with audiences. Imagine a communication flow from channels like email, SMS, chatbot, push notifications, call center or other physical points that work in harmony, the chances to satisfy customers will be higher since there will not be any data silos across channels.


Answering Changing Demands of Customers


According to a new McKinsey study, most shopping categories have seen more than 10 percent growth in their online customer base during the pandemic. The same study states that over 60 percent of global consumers have changed shopping behavior, many of them for convenience and value. The shift to digital shopping implies the importance of digital communication channels to grow business. In addition, through a solid omnichannel strategy, brands can benefit campaigns that are more effective.


As a summary, omnichannel will become the engagement strategy of new normal because;


  1. It integrates offline and online channels and maintains communication continuity even in uncertain times.
  2. It empowers businesses with the capability of reaching a wider audience.
  3. It enables companies to deliver experiences compliant with consent regulations. Customers will have the freedom to use the channels they want when engaging with brands.
  4. It will also increase the efficiency of marketing automation activities since a more data-centric strategy will be in place.
  5. It will provide a more measurable and trackable strategy to improve the cost-efficiency.

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