Online advertising uses Internet-based solutions to deliver specific messages to targeted users. These solutions include social media, search engine marketing, and display advertising.


Google Ads

Google Ads is an advertising platform offered by Google. It spreads online ads to people and enables companies to promote their businesses via increased website traffic and to sell certain products or services.


One of the greatest benefits of running online ad campaigns is the flexibility to manage content and to measure its impact. You get to decide where your ads show up, choose the keywords, and control your budget.


Facebook Ads Manager (Facebook Ads-Instagram Ads)

Social media platforms are one of the most important promotion grounds for various products. Businesses advertise their product or services by engaging with prospective customers on social media profiles. There are a number of tools utilized in the process. Facebook or Instagram ads are among the most frequently used online marketing platforms.


Facebook Ads Manager is an online tool where you can view your Facebook campaigns and ads. Businesses can create advertisements to display on Facebook or other related apps including Instagram. Managing and updating ads are also possible on the Facebook Ads Manager platform. Monitoring up-to-date data allows for the measurement of advertising performance.


YouTube Ads

Businesses can reach out to users through sponsored posts, pop-up videos, or quizzes in diverse areas. YouTube is one of the online marketing platforms which combines different ad formats. Through YouTube Ads, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level, explain the specifics of your offered product or services, reach segmented customers and measure your success. However, advertising on YouTube is only available in certain countries.


LinkedIn Ads

Targeted self-service advertisements are available on LinkedIn Ads. Creating ads on LinkedIn is easy and helps to promote businesses on the world’s most famous professional platform. The news feed functions as a platform where you can promote your businesses of different sizes. Customized content for your segmented audience based on their LinkedIn profile allows for personal connection and higher conversion rates. In addition, LinkedIn ads are sold based on auctions, which means that advertisers bid against each other.

Twitter Ads

Twitter offers business solutions through Twitter Ads campaigns. Twitter is a social media platform where people spend 26% more time viewing ads compared to other similar digital venues. You can achieve your marketing goals using Twitter Ads whether you want to raise awareness, drive customer interactions, or increase conversions. Powerful targeting tools are utilized to optimize your campaigns and to track their impact across segments.


Snapchat Ads

It is possible to create ads on Snapchat, which is a social messaging app. It is a platform with 249 million users per day, among which millennials and Gen Z constitute the largest segment. Snapchat Ad Manager allows for generating ads, launching campaigns, and monitoring their performance. It also facilitates targeting specific users based on data related to demographics or location.


TikTok Ads

TikTok welcomes a large audience from different user types. It has the potential of creating engagement and brand awareness for businesses of all sizes. TikTok Ads ensures enhanced visibility and real-time performance tracking.


Spotify Ads

You can achieve your marketing goals through Spotify self-serve ads since it presents a platform to connect with people while they are listening to their favorite music. Streaming your message to pass on your customized content will surely be impactful to raise your brand awareness.


Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is widely used by people who seek inspiration on what to buy or create. An average of 300 million people per month uses Pinterest. In the USA alone, 89% of Pinterest users look for influences on Pinterest before shopping. Therefore, it is a great platform to reach out to users who are actively looking for new ideas.