Automation is a term used to describe the simplification of a task that requires repetition. By using marketing automation, tasks can be completed faster, more accurately, less stressful and more cost-effectively. Marketing actually involves several repetitive tasks. Using automation as a result of these tasks provides the optimum benefit to a company in every sense. Some of the repetitive activities related to marketing automation are sharing on social media, analyzing website traffic and feedback rates, sending bulk emails and even organizing marketing campaigns.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a combination of autonomous software and marketing process in order to simplify marketing efforts. The benefits of using marketing automation are crucial for companies. In this increasingly technology-dependent world, using automation is more important than ever. Companies need to benefit from technology in order to understand the customers, increase sales and provide a superior experience for employees. When marketing and sales work with different tools for different goals, it may be difficult to obtain targeted returns. The way and the principle of digital marketing automation ensure the integration of sales and marketing. Both sales and marketing can be run in one panel. Operations like customer analysis, sales and advertisement campaigns can be done practically. Marketing automation is a system that company owners can invest without any hesitation. It has an important effect on more than one unit and department of companies. Departments such as finance, sales, and marketing can directly benefit from automation. All the traditional manual operations get automated. Data collection, creating and measuring campaigns, checking sales numbers, following the behaviors of customers get easier.

The Benefits of Using Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is promising you more customer candidates and feedback also better sale with less work. Businesses that use automation correctly are known to deliver 72% faster customer turnover and increase their revenue attributable to automation by 175% (Thomson Reuters).

Advantages Of Using Marketing Automation

Using marketing automation substantially reduces costs. It increases the working speed of all types of businesses. The accuracy of repetitive marketing tasks would be understood more easily. There are a lot of platforms that are suitable for the needs of businesses and automate many aspects of marketing. Evaluating options and deciding which automation tool to use can be entirely determined based on business targets. Choosing automation will depend on the size of the business, scope of the brand and skills of the tool. As some of the marketing tools stand out with emails, others may be designed for social media.

7 Valid Reasons To Use Marketing Automation

In the digitalized world, most companies can now provide optimum benefits with marketing automation. Marketing automation creates a great interaction factor for businesses. It provides better time management, strategic behavior, and result-oriented thinking.

The reasons why marketing automation should be used can be listed in 7 articles as follows:


1) Simplifies and Scales

Marketing departments must pay attention to many factors today if they will make an impact. Social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, online customer services, webinars and many more… Digital automation helps to bring all these separate tools together and deliver a full-fledged marketing message.


2) Provides Better Reporting

Digital marketing automation makes it easier to follow the success and the progress of campaigns and reach the target audience rather than creating a marketing concept and hoping to reach the target audience. With reporting, analysis of results digital access can also be optimized practically.


3) Determines the Target Audience 

It is important to target the audience with the right message and digital marketing automation provides ways to do that more effectively. If you have a product that addresses both CEOs and the owners of small businesses, the relevant message can be created for each audience and targeting can be done properly through the digital channels they are interested in.


4) Reduces Costs

Digital marketing automation helps to reduce costs. It allows marketers to save time spent manually on social media posts, digital advertising and more. This means the same amount of general marketing duties could be done by fewer people.


5) Helps Focus on Creativity

The marketers and the managers, who saved on time, can concentrate more on retargeting, and create engaging campaigns that can have a bigger impact. Broadcasting these campaigns how and on which channels can be determined based on the marketing reports.


6) Increases Sales

The effect of marketing automation to sales is also clearly the biggest reason for businesses to prefer this automation. Automation is also a way for customers to bring extra revenue to the company. It helps to offer a customer who buys a product will benefit from which other products. It can list the needs of the customer again and make a need reminder on a regular basis. Therefore, it increases sales and customer loyalty.


7) Improves Sales

Customers can be contacted by the automation before, during and after the purchase process. Marketing automation ensures a good relationship with customers. This directly strengthens the quality of the company, prestige and brand value, and affects sales. Even if the customer doesn’t buy the product, he gets satisfied with the attention he receives. Brand, company, product or website may leave a mark on the customer’s mind. If you are also looking for a way to improve the marketing strategies and reach out to more customers, with automation, you can solve many marketing problems and get better results.

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