Bulk e-mails are marketing tools that brands use as a means of introducing themselves to their target audience and can interact directly with potential customers when the right strategies are used. The emergence of different marketing channels with the rapid development of the digital marketing industry has not prevented e-mail marketing from remaining as the most preferred customer interaction method worldwide. In this article, we will talk about e-mail marketing, which is still considered the most effective way of digital interaction today, and how this method can be used to help reach marketing targets.

What is Bulk Email Marketing?

Bulk e-mailing, as the name suggests, means sending the same e-mail to more than one recipient at the same time. This is done through programs prepared by code writers and developed with automatic mass mailing function. Firms that frequently use the mass mailing method to reach their target audience get many benefits in terms of digital communication. Bulk emailing carries out marketing operations such as promoting products and services, keeping the interest in the brand active, and sometimes getting feedback from the buyers with surveys placed in the e-mail. Thanks to e-mail marketing, the loss of time caused by sending e-mails one by one is prevented, and the advantage of reaching many people at the same time is benefited from. The investments made in this area are quite high, as the companies that succeed in attracting potential customers will make up for the time and presence they spend with mass e-mails, with the customers they gain. It is one of the marketing methods with high ROI.

What Are the Types of Bulk Email Marketing?

The automatic messages that a company sends according to the characteristics of the audience it wants to reach also differ. Bulk e-mail types can be divided into 5 subheadings.

Promotional (Campaign) Emails

These are the emails created to keep the brand interest alive and attract new customers, such as promoting a campaign specific to the audience, talking about suitable promotions to potential customers. The content of the email is enriched with attachments such as e-catalogue and introduction document, and the user is encouraged to download and review these files.


One of the main purposes of newsletter e-mails is to inform the subscribers about the developments regarding the brand. Events that are newsworthy for the brand, such as notifying updates of current services, announcing an upcoming event or describing a finished event with its visuals, are shared with subscribers.

Lead Generation Emails

It is a form of mail that can attract prospects to the brand and is supported by attractive promotions to buy, targeting buyers who are not included in the customer list. Based on the expectations and positive feedback of existing customers, a strategy suitable for potential customers can be developed.

Marketing Automation Emails

These emails are used for triggering some predefined activities. Celebrating the current customer’s birthday, sending a thank you message to a customer who completed the order, or sending a reminder message for users who have added a product to their shopping cart but have not made a purchase are considered automatic marketing emails. ‘Welcome’ messages sent after the acquisition of a new customer are also considered under this category. Since the triggers can be sent according to the interests of the people, within the specified time interval and at certain periods, it facilitates the systematic management of customer loyalty. It is an effective method to strengthen the social dynamic between the brand and the customer.

Automated Transaction Mails

These can be defined as notifications sent to the customer that the digital service you offer is functioning properly. Also known as marketing automation, these emails contain messages that are simple but reinforce brand trust. Appointments, order confirmation, update information about orders, e-mails that send codes for shipment tracking can be listed under this heading.

Why Do You Need Bulk Email Marketing?

If we list the reasons why companies need bulk e-mail:

  • Expenses for promotional printing and photocopying, mailing, advertising, catalog publishing, etc. are reduced thanks to promotional mass emailings.
  • It is faster than traditional marketing methods and attracts larger audiences to the brand.
  • Increases brand recognition.
  • Instant results can be drawn from user interaction and are used when creating prospective marketing strategies.

Advantages of Bulk Email Marketing

The biggest advantage of mass e-mail marketing, as can be seen from its definition, is the freedom to reach countless people at the same time. The time saving provided by this method, which accelerates the transmission of information, plays a significant role in qualifying this advantage as the ‘biggest’. To summarize the other advantages of bulk email marketing:

  • Even if there is only one customer list, the mails that are planned to be sent by dividing this list into unlimited small audiences can be customized according to the audiences.
  • Email marketing, which is one of the effective communication tools in the digitalizing world, is an appropriate tool to use in conveying information since everyone has an e-mail address.
  • Unlike primitive methods that require instant interaction, such as sales phones, sending e-mails gives the user the freedom to read the e-mail wherever and whenever he wants, and to evaluate the information presented.
  • After the sent e-mail reaches the recipient, the recipient finds this message significant and transmits it to his/her environment, contributing to the growth of the target audience without effort.
  • All feedbacks and outputs received as a result of mass mailing can be organized as reports and used as data in subsequent mailings.

How to Increase Email Subscribers?

Here are some tips for increasing email subscribers:

Target audience detection

The most important factor that determines the attractiveness of an advertisement is the user’s discretion. The interests and needs of your target audience should determine the basis of the content you deliver to that audience. The right visuals, slogans, and the ability of the brand to reflect the potential of meeting the needs in its e-mails bring a positive increase in the number of subscribers.

Value to the user

In the subscription forms, the user should be transparent about which content and opportunities they can benefit from. Spammy messages and e-mails that are sent frequently at a level that disturb the user are situations that no subscriber wants to encounter. At this point, it is important to determine which messages the subscription covers and not to go beyond these limits.

Email ethics

In your e-mails, you should pay attention to the way of addressing, to use clear and understandable sentences, and to the choice of words and images in order not to disrespect personal boundaries. To ensure that users click on your message, avoid using misleading and untrue headlines: This will reduce the likelihood of your emails being reported as spam and reduced subscription loss.


While factors such as your audience’s profession, age, location are some of the factors that affect the sending time, there is no single perfect time for mass email sending. However, by knowing your customers well, you can determine the times when they are reachable and shape the delivery time accordingly.

Responsive Design

Since mobile devices are easier to access than others, mobile optimization of every mail designed in desktop view is also required. Shortening the subject content, reducing the size of the images and navigation buttons, etc.can be done for efficient mobile reach.


In order to increase brand credibility, it is critical to be in constant contact with users and to create spaces where customers can easily communicate with you. Most of the time, users find the idea of ​​having a live interlocutor more reassuring. Here are some ways to improve social interaction between the user and the firm:

  • A/B Tests

Prospective action should be taken according to the results by making A/B tests at a certain frequency, which is one of the most effective ways to collect user feedback.

  • Chatbot

Chatbot is a software that provides one-to-one customer support to site visitors with automatic answers by artificial intelligence in the customer service department. Adding one of these software to your website gives visitors a chat where they can get online and instant support on frequently asked questions. The fact that this service is a system that directs the visitor to live customer service when automation cannot answer the customer’s demands or questions will make the chat experience better.

  • Subscription offer

It is important that the form to be filled in for subscription is presented to the user on the blog / website to which the user is directed via e-mails or e-mails. Users who want to receive more notifications about similar content immediately after an interesting presentation will prefer to subscribe without wasting time.

  • Social Media

Promoting on social networks and informing your followers about opportunities and directing them to your website is one of the most effective ways to increase the number of subscribersv